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Why GPM Life?

At GPM Life, our goal is to help our customers get the right benefits for their needs. We don't offer online sales. We offer real people who are here to work with you. To listen. And to help you get the right coverage for your unique situation. That's how we've done business for 80 years.

Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company (GPM Life)

In the 1930s, America was between two major wars. World War I left many families devastated. Retired Army Colonel Peter J. Hennessey recognized that all life insurance policies of the day excluded paying benefits if the insured was killed in an act of war. The families of men that had the forethought to purchase life insurance found themselves without benefits when their loved one was killed in World War I. Colonel Hennessey approached several insurance companies with the idea of eliminating this war exclusion. None agreed. So Hennessey set out to establish a new insurance company, one which would provide life insurance protection should an insured die as a result of war.

In 1934, Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company (GPM Life) was established as a unique life insurance company serving the needs of military personnel. In 1938, GPM Life initiated another first in the industry. Colonel Hennessey died unexpectedly and Blanche Hennessey was elected President of the company; the first woman in U.S. history to head a commercial insurance company. Over the years we've expanded our markets to include Federal employees, individuals, families, and seniors. We offer unique products and services specifically designed for those markets.

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For over 80 years, GPM Life has been dedicated to providing excellent service to both existing and new policyholders.