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Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life, offered by GPM Life, is permanent life insurance that offers guaranteed level premiums, death benefits, and cash value. The policy also offers the ability to receive dividends, which can increase the value of your policy.

Whole Life coverage offers guaranteed level premiums and death benefit, cash value, and potential for dividends

Whole life insurance coverage offers the potential to increase in value on a tax-favored basis through dividends. This increase can create more cash value for your needs while you are still living, or it can create a larger death benefit for your beneficiaries.

Whole Life insurance provides guarantees that you do not have with Term Insurance:

  • Permanent coverage for life that will not increase in cost as you get older, or if your health changes
  • Your beneficiaries will receive at least the face amount of the policy upon the death of the insured, as long as you don't have any outstanding policy loans or withdrawals, and your premiums are current
  • The cash value of your policy can grow each year, tax-deferred
  • Accumulates cash value over time that you may be able to borrow against tax-free, for any reason
  • Provides a benefit that will be there when you're loved ones are likely to need it most
  • As with all permanent insurance, the interest that you have earned accumulates tax-deferred
  • Cash value can be accessed for income in retirement

Whole Life policies offer potential to increase in value:

  • Whole Life offers the opportunity for a tax-favored increase in value through potential dividends
  • When dividends are credited to your policy, you have options to receive these in cash, use them to reduce premiums, purchase paid-up additional life insurance, or allow them to accumulate at interest
  • Whole Life policies can be customized with riders and supplemental benefits

How much life insurance do you need?

Use our calculator to estimate how much life insurance coverage you need to protect your family.

Understanding Whole Life

Fits these needs:

Whole Life offers protection for life, payments that will not increase as you get older, cash value that can be accessed while you are living, and a tax-favored investment.

What to consider:

Whole Life offers guarantees that are not available with term coverage, and potential growth in value or reduction in premiums through dividends.


Whole Life insurance can be customized with optional policy riders and supplemental benefits to get the right coverage for your needs.

We can help you get the right coverage for your needs

A Whole Life policy, without riders, may meet your specific needs. However, we offer a number of riders and supplemental benefits that customize your policy to meet your specific needs.

Additional Term Rider

The Additional Term Rider provides additional term coverage on the primary insured that is renewable and convertible.

Children's Insurance Rider

This rider provides term life protection for each of the insured's minor children. When the covered children reach age 25, the coverage may be converted to permanent coverage for up to five times the original amount.

Spouse Insurance Rider

This rider provides term coverage for your spouse that is renewable and convertible.

Additional Paid-Up Insurance Rider

This rider provides the right to purchase additional amounts of paid-up life insurance with additional premiums. The additional coverage increases the policy's death benefit and cash value.*

Accidental Death Benefit

This policy rider provides additional coverage that pays the amount of Accidental Death Benefit in addition to the policy's death benefit proceeds, if death is caused by an accident.

Waiver of Premium for Disability

If the insured becomes totally disabled, we will waive the policy premiums during the disability.**

Guaranteed Purchase Option

This option provides the right to purchase additional coverage at certain future ages or events without requiring evidence of insurability.

Accelerated Living Benefit Riders

New life insurance policies with more than $35,000 of initial death benefit may include Accelerated Living Benefit Riders (ALBRs) if the policy is issued in a state where the riders are approved. These riders will pay a portion of the death benefit, while you (the insured) are alive, if a triggering event occurs. This may be a diagnosis for the insured of a terminal illness, a specified critical illness such as cancer or a heart attack, or a specified chronic illness.

*Not available on Twenty Pay Life
**Limits and exclusions apply

We can help you customize a Whole Life policy to fit your needs.

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