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Understanding Your Life Insurance Options

Empty-nesters and seniors can still get the insurance they need to ensure financial obligations won't cause loved ones to have drastic future lifestyle changes. Life insurance from GPM Life can provide security for financial issues like:

  • Death of a spouse
  • Loss of Social Security benefits
  • An unpaid mortgage
  • Dependent, disabled adult
  • Unplanned medical expenses
  • Funeral and final expenses

Why Final Expense insurance?

Pre-planning relieves an additional burden from your loved ones, assuring your last wishes are met:

  • Funeral and burial planning
  • Final medical bills
  • Grandchildren and other family gifts

Would I qualify?

GPM Life offers three products, tailored to many minor health conditions.

Learn more about Final Expense insurance

How much final expense life insurance do I need?

Our free Did You Know? brochure will help you calculate how much insurance you will need.

How much life insurance can I afford?

Life insurance is a commitment. Final Expense insurance is an affordable option. Find out what your monthly premium payment will be for a selected insurance amount.

How do I apply?

Let us help connect you with an insurance professional.

Need to guarantee income for a spouse?

Whole Life Insurance

A permanent insurance product will reliably provide benefits when they are needed most. Your family's financial security can be assured with a small monthly premium, and cash values will provide financial options if emergencies arise during your lifetime.

The cost is only pennies for every dollar of coverage needed. The GPM Life Whole Life product is a participating product. When the Company declares dividends you, as a policyholder and owner, will participate in the profits of the company. These profits are returned as dividend payments, which can reduce the cost of your insurance.

Whole Life coverage offers guaranteed level premiums and death benefit, cash value, and potential for dividends.

Learn more about guaranteed income

How much life insurance do I need to assure my spouse is protected?

How much life insurance can I afford?

How do I apply?

Let us help connect you with an insurance specialist.

New mortgage?

Universal Life with Decreasing Mortgage Rider

We are living longer and buying new homes. According to a 2015 National Association of Realtors® Home Buyers and Seller Generational Trends report, 41% of home buyers in 2014 were age 50 or older.

Our UL policy has flexibility to add riders that can more affordably provide mortgage protection.