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Life Insurance Products

Life insurance can be an important part of financial planning throughout every stage of your life. We can help you understand what type of coverage is best for you and how to find the right features and options for your needs. GPM Life has insurance professionals available to help you and answer your questions and concerns.

Why life insurance is important

Life insurance is the unique product that pays benefits to beneficiaries income-tax-free. This tax advantage is the key for end-of-life planning. But life insurance is just as much about planning for life and your future goals.

For a business, life insurance can be used as the basis for a buy-sell agreement, or to protect key employees and the business itself. Life insurance can also be to pay potential estate taxes, provide retirement income, offer additional mortgage protection, fund children's college education and protect loved ones from having to pay debts or final expense costs that are not covered by Social Security.

Life insurance riders and options are available as well to help you get the right coverage that meets your needs now, and for the future.

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Common Questions
Is there a guaranteed death benefit with tax advantages?*
Are the premiums guaranteed?
Flexible premiums with guaranteed minimums and maximums
Yes, for a fixed period
Will this coverage last?*
UL is a permanent plan of insurance. So long as you make scheduled premium payments of a sufficient amount, the coverage will stay in place until your death
WL is a permanent plan of insurance. So long as you make the scheduled guaranteed level premium payments, the coverage will stay in place until your death
Term Life is a temporary plan of insurance. There is usually a guaranteed premium for a specified length of time. If you want the coverage to continue, the premiums due after the fixed period usually increase dramatically as you age
Is this the most affordable coverage?
Generally, this is the most affordable permanent insurance product type
Because of the guaranteed features, this product is generally a bit more expensive
Usually Term Life insurance is the most affordable product for a short, defined period. After that period, the substantial increases in premium may make it cost prohibitive
Does this coverage build cash value?
Can I access money from this policy while I'm alive?
Can this policy be customized with available riders?
Get details about types of life insurance:
*Subject to any outstanding policy loans or withdrawals

Get a personalized benefit analysis and advice

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Life Situations

Whether you are single, married, raising a family, or retired, life insurance is available to meet your unique needs.


How much life insurance do you really need? This calculator will give you a general idea based upon your financial needs.

Serving Your Needs

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