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Final Expense Whole Life Insurance

Final Expense, offered by GPM Life, is a life insurance policy designed to be issued in small amounts, quickly and easily, and at a reasonable price. Final expense coverage can be used to cover funeral costs, pay debts, leave cash to loved ones, or to make donations to schools, churches and charitable organizations.

See the advantages of applying for Final Expense insurance

No medical exam required

  • Minor and older health issues may be accepted
  • Designed for applicant ages 50 through 85
  • Benefit amounts vary from $3,000 to $35,000
  • Policies are issued quickly  
  • No blood testing required
  • No urinalysis required

Policies cannot be cancelled or premiums increased, so long as premiums are paid when due and all information was disclosed on the application.

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Personal planning is one of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones, along with a well-designed life insurance program. By taking the time now to pre-plan, you are helping to relieve financial and emotional burdens your loved ones will face.

Understanding Final Expense

Fits these needs:

Final expense coverage may be right for you if you want to help your loved ones manage your funeral costs and avoid being burdened with outstanding debts. The policy may also be used to provide a gift to a loved one or for charitable giving.

What to consider:

At present, Social Security pays only $255* to qualified beneficiaries. The average cost of a funeral is over $8,000.** Final Expense whole life insurance can be used to help fill the gap.


We have coverage options for individuals 50 to 85 years old. Three types of policies are available, and the right option for you depends on your age and a brief medical history interview. Coverage amounts can range from $3,000 up to $35,000.

Your policy is determined by your medical history

Your medical history will determine which of three Final Expense policies is available to meet your specific needs. No medical exam or blood tests are required, just a short application and brief medical history interview. Most policies are issued within days.

If you are in average health and are between the ages of 50 and 85

Simplified Issue Whole Life (SIWL) offers:

  • A 100% Death Benefit beginning on the first day of the policy
  • Optional Accidental Death benefit up to age 70, available for issue between age 50-60
  • Optional Child Insurance coverage of $5,000 per child
  • Payment options for Lifetime, 10 years, or 20 years.  The 20-year payment option is available only to people ages 50 through 70.

If you have less than average health and are between the ages of 50 and 85

Graded Death Benefit Whole Life (GDB) offers:

  • A Death Benefit of 30% of the ultimate amount the first year, 70% for the second year, and 100% beginning the third year and after
  • An Accidental Death Benefit of the full amount of coverage is included during the first two years

If you have more health issues and are between the ages of 50 and 85, you may still qualify

Modified Benefit Whole Life (MBWL) offers:

  • A Death Benefit of all premium paid plus 10% interest during the first two years, then 100% of the ultimate amount thereafter
  • An Accidental Death Benefit of the full amount of coverage is included during the first two years

*Social Security Handbook SSA Publication No. 05-10084

**The median cost of a funeral is $8,438 according to a 2014 survey by National Funeral Directors Association at NFDA.org.

Our insurance professionals can help you determine the right product and coverage amount for your situation.

Learn more about Final Expense Insurance

Understanding coverage for seniors

Seniors have unique coverage needs from providing for loved ones, to covering an unpaid mortgage. Learn how you can help protect your family's financial security and have options in case of an emergency.

Talk to an insurance professional

We can help you understand Final Expense coverage and find the best option for your needs. Send us your questions and let us know how you'd like to be contacted.

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Would you like to read more? Download a PDF file with more information about Final Expense insurance, including a planning guide to help you estimate final expense costs.