GPM Life Careers


GPM Life's multi-level contract accommodates the various contract needs common to the Personal Producing General Agent (PPGA) and the Marketing General Agent (MGA) distribution systems.
It is GPM Life's intent to provide competitive compensation for career insurance sales professionals who are either individual producers or agency builders. See your contract for full details.

  • Competitive first year commissions according to individual agent's production and persistency history;
  • Favorable vesting of commissions if contract provisions are met;
  • Renewal stream through the 10th year, with level service fees the 11th year thereafter;
  • Recruiting and Retention Bonus for agency builders;
  • Agent's non-qualified deferred compensation plan with Company matching funds up to specified limits;
  • Commission advances payable weekly;
  • Direct Deposit of Commission available;
  • Direct mail reimbursement program based on sales from direct mail responses;
  • Preferred Producer Bonus;
  • Company sales contest.

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